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12.06.2012: Coaches Corner - Joes Players of the week

Coaches Corner - Joes Players of the week
(sl) Auch in dieser Woche gibt es die aktuellen "Players of the week" von Head Coach Joe Sturdivant

Player of the Week

Greg Billinger
12 Tackles, 8 Tackles of a Loss and a Sac
"What more can you ask of a Defensive Lineman? 12 Tackles and 8 of them for a Loss. That is just flat out great football right there. Greg Came to play on Saturday. I am very proud of Greg, I think he found his rhythm. We are going to need another game just like this out of greg vs the Bandits"

Offensive Player of the Week

Dominik Heinz
"Dominik is the unsung Hero of the offense. He does not get his named called out too much, but i know the other teams defense knows exactly who he is. Dominik is the centerpiece of our running game. He cleared out big holes for our Running backs to run through. He did a great job on Saturday on Offense and Special Teams"

Defensive Player of the Week

Markihe Anderson
"Markihe took on the leading Wide Reciever in the League and did not give up a catch to him. When we put Markihe in Man to Man Coverage with Joe Joyner he shut him down. Markihe did a great job helping shut down the Franken Passing Attack. Markihe will be move around the Field more in the next games to give him a lot more action and more chances to free up and break on the ball. Look for a lot of interceptions out of him this season"

Special Teams Player of the Week

Darius Voehringer
"This is the 2nd Time in 3 games that Darius has won this award. But he deserves it. The way he runs down on kick off is unmatched. He is the guy to watch on our Kick Off team, he is a big part to our great special teams play. Look forward to Darius getting to Run the ball more this week on offense"

Scout Team Player of the Week

Jonas Beckmann
"Jonas Stepped up his game these past few weeks. He has trown the ball very well in practice and has taken charge of our scout teams. Jonas also passed for 5 Touchdowns in our past 2nd Team Game vs Limburg. Very proud of the way Jonas is playing right now"